About Us

Hilm Publishing Company was established out of the sheer determination and necessity to tell our stories and most importantly to leave behind an impactful legacy we can be proud of. Collectively the books on the market today that are written for black people, only 1 to 2% are actually written by black authors. One must ask themselves are the stories being told representative of our experience or is it based on what people think about us and how we should feel? 

We are deeper than skin tone, hair, and struggle life. For our children, well they have to just be kids. 

The Hilm Publishing Company strives to tell inspirational stories grounded in diversity for people from multi-racial and ethnic backgrounds telling  unique stories that resonates within our brightest lights.

Hilm means dream in the African-Ethiopian Amharic language. May our children's dreams be a reality of the positive visions they see for themselves. We are extremely honored to be part of the journey.